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The Posh Experience

We know all trips are not the same. As a traveler you want that experience that sets your trip apart from all others. That difference is what matters to us. Our intimate knowledge and personal insider connections allow us to provide you with seamless and stress free VIP treatment. If you are interested in any of these services, please call Posh Concierge at 844-FLY-POSH (844-359-7674) for pricing.


Posh Chauffeur

The minute your driver arrives at your door you can switch off. He loads all your luggage then you are free to sit back and relax in the total comfort afforded by Posh Travel's Chauffeur service. We carefully plan the optimum route to minimize traffic delays and all our vehicles are fitted with GPS units with up-to-the-minute live traffic information to ensure you are there in ample time. If there’s a situation on the roads you don’t have to worry about it. Your chauffeur takes you straight to your terminal – no worries about reserving a parking space, finding the right area, or carrying your bags in the wind and rain. Please inform Posh Travel Concierge at the time of reservation if you would require Posh Chauffeur.


Baggage Handling

After a long and exhausting trip, the last thing you want to worry about is your luggage. Once you have arrived, you have the peace of mind that Posh Travel is there for you. Posh airport attendant will help you by taking all of your luggage from the baggage conveyor and load it into your car. A service specially offered for seniors and females traveling alone. *


Easy Check-in

If you require assistance at the airport, Posh Travel is there for you. Posh  will carry your luggage and assist you to get it checked in. We will then offer assistance to get your boarding passes.*


Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair service is available to transport you from your home to the aircraft gate. Please let Posh Travel Concierge know if you will need this assistance when making your reservation.*


Senior / Minor Escort

For elderly travelers requiring assistance, Posh Travel will will handle everything. We will help them check in, get their boarding pass, and help them all the way to the security check. Children 5-14 years old must travel as an Unaccompanied Minor when not traveling with an adult at least 15 years old. unaccompanied minors are accepted by airlines only for nonstop or direct flights which do not require a change of aircraft or flight number. Posh Travel Concierge will help you with all of the forms and will arrange to accompany the minor to the gate.*


24/7 Travel Assistance

Life is full of surprises and Posh Travel Concierge is there for you when the unexpected happens. Whether you need to change your booking at the last moment, issues with your reservation abroad, make a last minute reservation, Posh Travel offers 24/7 support at 844-FLY-POSH.


Lost Baggage Tracking

Nothing's worse than standing at that baggage claim and having your bag not show up. If this happens, we want to get things fixed for you. First, go to your airline's baggage service office before you leave the airport, which is in the baggage claim area to report your delayed bag. The baggage service agent will create a tracing file for your bag.  Provide the file number to Posh Travel Concierge and leave the rest to us, we will then track your luggage and have it delivered to your house in shortest possible time. 


Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health insurance is there to help when you become seriously injured or sick while traveling. Posh Travel Concierge  will work with you to find an affordable insurance plan that fits your needs.


The above services are currently offered only for Metro Detroit Airport (DTW)

*Available only when you request Posh Chauffeur


Last Minute Deals

Booking a last minute flight usually means having to pay very high prices for your airline tickets. Our travel consultants have access to discounted last-minute flights for international travel with major airlines. Book your flights today and save with our low rates! Use the money you save to have more fun on your trip!

Find discount airfare and airline tickets that meet your budget and travel needs. Book the lowest airfare and cheap last minute flights with us. 

$50 Off Your Next Flight

Book a business class ticket with us and receive $50* off your next business class travel.

Earn a $50* travel credit when you refer a friend who books a business class ticket with us!

*$50 credit is non transferable. Credit expires after one year. Valid only for international flights departing from North America.

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